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Сочинение на английском "Уфа"

I live in the town of Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan. I was born here, and our family has been living in this place for over 20 years.

The first mention of Ufa can be found in the Russian chronicles dated back to the year 1574. At that time a multi-towered fortress was erected on the right bank of the Sutoloka river to shield off Russian land from the nomadic tribes. In the beginning it was just a castle made of oak-wood. Ancient Bashkirians have called it Imyan Kala that means Oak city. The city was named after the river that goes nearby.

Now Ufa is the capital of RB, it is a political, administrative, economic, education and cultural center of the republic and just beautiful and modern polis. Today the population of Ufa is over 1,2 million.

Ufa is located on the hill and it has too benefit position – it is protected from the 3 sides by the Ufa, White and Dema rivers. It was great for defense.

It too pity that Ufa doesn’t saved its Kremlin and most of historical houses are destroyed. But tourists can visit some interesting places of our city like The Monument of Friendship, Statue of Salavat Yulaev. Besides them I’m recommend to see performances at the Bashkirian Dramatic Theater, Russian Dramatic Theater, also we have Opera House, many Art museums, parks, circus and Planet museum.

Ufa is the education center of RB too, there are a lot of universities: USPTU, USATU, BSAU, BSMU, BSPU. Together they educate high quality specialists that needed at all country. Besides them most famous is USPTU, it’s proud by first class teachers, educational level and specialists that work in RB, Russia and all over the world.

I think that problems of the town are: bad ecology (industry at Chernikovka, trash on the streets and around the city, many cars, etc.), deficiency of parks and relaxation zones, traffic jams.

I like Ufa because of its kind citizens, quality of education, I see that our government makes a lot for the people. I like my city and it mean a lot for me.

If I were the mayor of my city, I would create new parks, make streets wider, build many apartments with the reasonable price and try to exterminate corruption.



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