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Сочинение на английском языке "Телевидение" (TV)

Essay TV

How does the TV on cognitive and creative activity of man . Is it dangerous influence?   

The problem of the influence of television on cognitive and creative activity of man is particularly relevant today. This problem applies to all , and each of us individually .   

Craze telecast generates consumer attitude towards art and reduces the cognitive and creative activity of man .   

Indeed , television affects the development of children. 

Psychologists say that watching a long series causes great harm to the development of the adolescent and child. Children who spend leisure time at the screen , different closed character. They tend to be difficult to be in the company of their peers , as they are shy and passive, have no interest in games and amusements , I have no hobbies.   

And obviously , the effects of the invention of television rather ambiguous .

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