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про себе на англійській мові

Let me introduce myself

My name is Oleg. My surname is Ivanov. My middle name is Ivanovich. I am from Russia. I am Russian. I live in Togliatty. It's an automobile capital of our country. Our factory VAZ produces different models of automobiles Lada. I speak English but just a little bit. I am a student of International Market Institute. I'm a freshman (sophomore, a junior, a senior) of the faculty of economics and management.

I'm seventeen. I was born on the 12nd of March, 1997. I'm an Aries (the Ram). My address is 26 Lunacharsky blvd., flat 32, 5th block. I'm single. I live with my parents and my elder sister. We have got a two room flat. I've got a pet a very pretty cat. Every morning I go to my Institute/ to my work. I don't have breakfast at home. I usually eat at our Institute's canteen. As a rule I have 3 to 4 pairs a day. I have got my English lessons only once a week. At the lessons we usually read texts, translate sentences, write exercises, ask and answer questions. We have our English lessons in room 210. It's on the 2nd floor.

My father is a businessman. He goes to his office every day. He works for the GM Company. My mother is a housewife and she doesn't work. My sister is a little girl and she doesn't go to school.

I usually spend my free time with my friends. We go to different cafes, to the disco or just walk around. But sometimes I stay at home.


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